Welcome to the online application to become a resident of   CONCORD VILLAGE CONDOMINIUM I ASSOCIATION, INC  

CHECKLIST. Items required to complete this application:

NOTE: The application is not completed until the Management Office receives the document listed below in the: "Check List” Section and the Application Payment. Please complete all fields and supply all requested documents. Read the following “Check List” before commencing the application to have all documents ready. If you have any questions, contact the management office at 866-205-2250 or email  

The following application is used for applicants attempting to purchase a unit in this community. Please use the checklist below to ensure that you submit a complete application. An application is considered complete ONLY after:
  • All application fees have been paid
  • The application has been completely and properly filled out and fully executed by all required parties. 
  • All requested supporting documents have been received. 
*** Incomplete applications will delay processing. Applications will take up to 30 days to process from the date that the COMPLETED application is received.

  • ONLY the applicant is authorized to complete an application and sign all forms. 
  • PETS - NO pets are allowed. 
  • Incomplete applications will be rejected.
  • No leases allowed, PURCHASES only. 
  • Occupancy is not permitted until interviewed & approved by the Board of Directors
(For US Citizens/Resident Applicants ONLY)
  • Copy of Drivers License or other government-issued ID for each Applicant: Current, clear, & legible. 
  • Copy of the full purchase agreement & addenda: Current, clear, legible, & fully executed by all parties. 
  • Copy of Vehicle Registration and Proof of Insurance for all vehicles that will be parking on the property (if applicable) - Current, clear, & legible. The name on the registration and insurance MUST be the same as the applicant(s). If not the same, a document must be provided from the registered owner(s) of vehicle(s) giving the applicant(s)authorization to drive/use the said vehicle(s). The document MUST be signed and notarized by the registered owner of the vehicle(s). A copy of this signed/notarized document MUST be uploaded at the end of this application. 
  • Two consecutive and recent months of proof of Income OR an Employer Letter stating the length of employment for each adult occupying the unit. 
  • Three months of bank statements
  • Three reference letters. 
  • Last 2 years of tax returns. 
  • An interview is required for ALL applicants.
  • Application Fee (Cashier check or money order (NO CASH or PERSONAL CHECKS): ($100.00) per individual applicant 18 years old or older or per legally married couple: Fee is Non-Refundable. 
  • If a married couple, a Copy of the Marriage Certificate: clear & legible (if applicable).
  • A hard copy of the "Additional document." To access the Additional document, please click here, download the document, print, sign and send/bring the document to the office.
For international applicants: 
  • All of the above-mentioned documents. 
  • National ID/Passport for each Applicant: Current, clear, & legible. 
  • If Tenant - a copy of your US VISA or document to support your residency in the US. 

** Mail the Application (Optional).
Send the mail to: 
Concord Village Condo I Assoc.
c/o Real One Property Mgmt
PO Box 590035
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33359

**Bring the application to the office

If you are ready, let's begin!

You will be redirected to another page to begin the application by clicking the bottom below. If you have questions, please contact management at 866-205-2250 or by sending us an email at